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Just because tax season's over with, doesn't mean the IRS stops collecting!


Corporate & Business

If it’s complicated or a mess, I can handle it!  I’ve worked cases involving corporate income, payroll, multiple business entities, parent companies, excise and civil penalty matters.  Give me a call to discuss this today!


Case by Case

Do you have another IRS tax problem that’s not included here?  Chances are, I can help with that.  Give me a call to discuss your unique tax problem.



If you’re behind on payroll taxes, have missed a couple of tax deposits, have defaulted on previous installment agreements, have a Revenue Officer assigned to your case, or contenting with the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, then give me a call. I specialize in this area of tax problem solving.


Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise is an alternative way for you to settle for less than what you owe. This is based on your net disposable income; after all reasonable and necessary living expenses have been paid, your net equity in assets, and any unique circumstances you may be faced with. Depending on what’s going on, this may or may not be the best approach to resolving your tax problem, so give me a call to discuss this further.


Unfiled Tax Returns

Non-filers can be subject to examination or audit, including having the IRS prepare what’s called a Substitute for Return or SFR. This is essentially a dummy return that takes all of the taxable income that was reported to the IRS on a W-2, 1099, et. all without any credits or deductions. When the IRS takes these actions, you need a representative who will advocate for you and ensure that only the correct amount of tax is assessed.


Late Return Filing

When filing late, the IRS will impose a hefty penalty for not filing on time if you have a balance due. This also applies if you’re filing informational income tax returns, such as an S-corp, partnership or non-profit return. In some situations, the IRS may consider waiving this penalty if it falls under certain criteria. To understand this, you need a representative who used to work for the IRS to know what to ask for.


Property Seizures

When you owe back taxes which haven’t been resolved, the IRS can seize certain property to settle what’s owed. Depending on the situation, the IRS can seize and sell your property, sometimes for less than full value. To understand your rights and explore possible alternatives, you need a representative who used to conduct seizures on behalf of the IRS.


Installment Agreements

Individuals and business owners alike can benefit from this if they know what to ask for. Unless you fall into a certain dollar criteria, most payment plans are negotiated based on what the IRS considers your ability to pay. This is your net disposable income after all reasonable and necessary expenses have been paid. For greater assistance on this topic, give me a call. There’s no one who’s better suited to broker a properly structured installment agreement, partial pay installment agreement, streamlined installment agreement, or an in-business installment agreement than someone who used to analyze financial information for the IRS.


Tax Liens

The Notice of Federal Tax Lien is a publicly perfected security instrument. This perfects the government’s interest in your property. Criteria exists for the lien to be discharged, subordinated, released, or withdrawn. Get in touch with someone who used to file tax liens on behalf of the IRS to understand if you could be eligible for tax lien relief.


Tax Levies

In the event there’s an unpaid liability, the IRS can issue a statutory Notice of Intent to Levy. This gives the IRS the ability to garnish your wages or empty your bank account. “Levy” is a very broad term as it can attach to all manner of property. If you’ve received a certified letter, this could be an indicator that levy action is the next step. Give me a call to determine where you’re at in the collection process and if steps should be taken to insulate you from any proposed levy or enforced collection action.


Innocent Spouse Relief

If your spouse or ex-spouse has been fiscally irresponsible, you shouldn’t be to blame. In fact, the IRS allows spouses innocent of tax fraud to file for relief. This is based on a couple of factors, so if your spouse or ex-spouse failed to include taxable income on your combined income tax return, let me help you submit the necessary information to request relief.


Back Taxes

When you have an outstanding tax debt, it’s important to make sure this is addressed straight away. Failure to get into some kind of resolution could result in enforced collection, such as liens and levies. In most cases, this can result in more penalties being paid out over time. If you’re facing an economic hardship and aren’t in a position to pay, then give me a call to ascertain what works best for you.


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Put my experience and insider knowledge to work for you!

I used to work for the IRS, and I specialize in IRS representation, tax problem-solving, and other disputes with the IRS.

Even if you already have a resolution with the IRS, give me a call to take a second look at your case.  Most installment agreements that the IRS initiates are set-up to benefit them, not you.

Even if you have a resolution with the IRS that you’re happy with, but you’re upset that the IRS filed a tax lien, give me a call to see if we can’t get the lien withdrawn.  This is a special process whereby we petition the IRS to not only release the lien but to strip away any record that a lien was ever filed.

Give me a call to set-up a free, face-to-face, 30-minute evaluation of your case.  This is your opportunity for me to review what’s going on and for us to get to know each other.  I’m the only former IRS Revenue Officer in the Greater St. Louis area who’s also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.  There’s only a handful of tax practitioners in the Greater St. Louis area with this highly specialized designation.

There’s a lot of accountants and attorneys in the area that “dabble” in tax resolution, but this is all I do.  I'm on the phone with the IRS every day.  There’s no one who’s better suited to look at your case than someone who used to work for the IRS.  The kind of experience I have can’t be bought or taught.

If you don’t have a resolution with the IRS, now’s the time.  I’m uniquely experienced at resolving tax issues, big or small.  My background with the IRS means I’m motivated to get your problem solved.  What can’t be done face-to-face, we can do over-the-phone.  With the same process, we can get this done.