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How To Escape Your Ex Or Significant Other’s Tax Issues

Man and woman arguing

If you have ever gone through a tough divorce or been in a relationship with someone who has been less than financially responsible, then you know their financial burdens can follow you around for years. Let’s be honest, if your ex or your significant other has been racking up credit card debt, spending frivolously, or…

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Get Help With Late Return Filing

Confused woman looking over tax documents

The IRS is not normally known for its kindness and understanding, and if you have missed the tax filing deadline, you are probably feeling pretty lousy about your options right now. Anyone who has missed the filing deadline can tell you that if you are going to try to deal with the IRS on your…

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Our Tips For Settling With The IRS

If you are struggling with back taxes, you probably don’t have much hope that the IRS is going to reduce what you owe for no reason. This is where Inside Out Tax Resolution Services comes in. Our former IRS Revenue Officer and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist can help mitigate what’s going on with the IRS…

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The Biggest Tax Changes Of The Year

The IRS has been busy this year updating the tax code, making rule changes, and updating tax forms.  We all know how complicated taxes can be, especially when you expand your family, purchase property, or begin to build a robust financial portfolio. The best way to stay abreast of any changes is to connect with…

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Current Common Scammers Posing As The IRS

Whether you’re aware of it or not, almost every American has been targeted by some form of scamming, from e-mails to phone calls. The scams usually go along the lines of “You have overdue taxes, please address this over the phone or through e-mail or your wages will be garnished.” The unfortunate reality is that…

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