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The Biggest Tax Changes Of The Year

The IRS has been busy this year updating the tax code, making rule changes, and updating tax forms.  We all know how complicated taxes can be, especially when you expand your family, purchase property, or begin to build a robust financial portfolio. The best way to stay abreast of any changes is to connect with…

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Current Common Scammers Posing As The IRS

Whether you’re aware of it or not, almost every American has been targeted by some form of scamming, from e-mails to phone calls. The scams usually go along the lines of “You have overdue taxes, please address this over the phone or through e-mail or your wages will be garnished.” The unfortunate reality is that…

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Tax Withholding Changes For 2019

Did you have any struggles filing your taxes last year? We get it, tax laws are constantly changing and they can be really difficult to understand. The most recent change in tax legislation is bringing about a change to the Form W-4 to allow for updated tax withholdings. This new form will most likely require…

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Three Ways To Increase Your After-Tax Spendable Income

Did you end up writing a big check to the IRS this year? If so, you probably are wracking your brain trying to think up ways to avoid that steep bill again in 2020. The recent changes to the federal tax code have meant breaks for some, but for most of us, we have seen…

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IRS To Audit More Wealthy Taxpayers

The news has recently been flooded by reports of wealthy Americans paying little to nothing on their federal taxes through the exploitation of tax loopholes. Wealthy Americans have the disposable income available to hire some of the best tax experts available, and those tax experts know the best ways to save their clients millions of…

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