When it comes to solving a tax problem, what's the difference between you and a tax attorney?

Surprisingly, very little.  I’m able to broker the same kind of resolutions and get to the bottom of a lot of complicated problems.  My credentials as an Enrolled Agent comes from the IRS and certifies my specialty in IRS representation, collection and problem solving.

Do you charge by the hour like most tax attorneys?

No, I don't. I estimate my fees for representation on a flat, fixed rate basis.

Can you solve my problem faster than other tax professionals?

The IRS moves at the same pace for everybody, but since I’ve streamlined the process for getting your problem solved, you’ll have a strategy that works for you a lot sooner than my competitors.  Knowing where you stand with the IRS makes all the difference when you’ve been struggling for months or years trying to get something worked-out.

What's an Enrolled Agent?

It’s a tax practitioner who has a lot of technical expertise in the field of taxation.  This is the highest credential that the IRS awards.  As an Enrolled Agent, I can represent clients across the country before all administrative levels of the IRS – examination, collection and appeals.

What can you help with?

Honestly, just about everything.  If it’s an IRS problem, I can help!

Why should I choose you over another tax professional?

Since I used to work for the IRS, I know how the IRS works a lot more than your average tax practitioner. I don't have a lot of overhead, so I'm able to quote lower, fixed fees. Unlike some of my competitors, I'll be the only one working your case. Lastly, my approach is face-to-face and hands on. We'll figure out a plan for your tax problem together. There's a lot of options out there, and having a plan is the first step in getting your problem solved.

What did you do with the IRS?

I was a Revenue Officer.  This position specializes in field collection.  I investigated individuals and businesses alike.  I summonsed banks for financial information, questioned third-parties, issued levies, filed tax liens, seized property and made referrals for fraud and examination.

What areas do you serve?

I service all of Missouri and Illinois. If you're in another State, don't worry. What can't be done face-to-face, we can do over the phone. With the same process, we can get this done!