How To Escape Your Ex Or Significant Other’s Tax Issues

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If you have ever gone through a tough divorce or been in a relationship with someone who has been less than financially responsible, then you know their financial burdens can follow you around for years. Let’s be honest, if your ex or your significant other has been racking up credit card debt, spending frivolously, or has ever been audited by the IRS, you shouldn’t be left footing the bill for their tax issues. Unfortunately, if you don’t take the appropriate steps to separate yourself from your significant other, you could be on the hook to pay most of their tax debt. If this situation sounds all too real to you, contact Inside Out Tax Resolution Services to get a free consultation with our tax expert today.

What Is Innocent Spouse Relief?

Innocent spouse tax relief was instated by the IRS to protect husbands, wives, and significant others from inheriting the tax issues that come with a significant other who has committed tax fraud. Tax fraud is defined as when an individual or business intentionally falsifies information on their tax return to limit their amount of tax liability. If your significant other or ex committed tax fraud, you need to meet with a tax resolution specialist immediately as this can have a substantial impact on your livelihood.

If you filed jointly, you are legally responsible for your significant other’s taxes, but you can receive IRS intervention with our help if:

  • You and your spouse filed a joint tax return with fraudulent items.
  • You did not know about the erroneous items.
  • You have not transferred property to your spouse or received any as part of a scheme.

How We Can Help

If your significant other or your ex has committed tax fraud, it’s not too late for you to make a request for IRS intervention. The first thing that you will need to do is contact a tax resolution expert for help in filing the necessary paperwork. Once this information has been submitted, your tax expert should work with you to take care of this potentially hazardous situation.

Here at Inside Out Tax, we know how important it is to do these things right the first time.  In the end, this will save you the headache of doing it yourself and potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Tax fraud is no laughing matter, and the IRS will pursue you relentlessly. If your ex or significant other has put you in financial jeopardy, contact Inside Out Tax today. Our tax resolution expert used to work for the IRS, giving him the ability to quickly and efficiently work through complicated tax issues. Contact our tax expert to get your situation on the right track today.