Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief Services

If your spouse or ex-spouse has been fiscally irresponsible, you shouldn’t be to blame. In fact, the IRS allows spouses innocent of tax fraud to file for innocent spouse tax relief. At Inside Out Tax Resolution Services, LLC, I can help you file the necessary documents to protect your individual income from joint liability.

Inside Out Tax Resolution Services, LLC, provides IRS tax solving services in the Greater St. Louis area and can even help clients from all over the country. If your spouse or ex-spouse didn’t include taxable income on a tax return, let me help you file for relief.

What Is Innocent Spouse Relief?

Innocent spouse tax relief protects individuals whose spouses committed tax fraud. Without tax relief, your income and taxes would be subject to joint liability from the IRS. At Inside Out Tax Resolution Services, LLC, I can help you file Form 8857 if you meet some conditions, like:

  • You and your spouse file a joint return with erroneous items
  • You did not know about the erroneous items
  • You have not transferred property to your spouse or received any as part of a scheme

Inside Out Tax Resolution Services, LLC, has the expertise in IRS matters to help problem-solve your current situation and reduce the strain of the IRS investigation on your finances.

How Can Inside Out Help You?

I am a former IRS revenue officer, certified in tax resolution, which means I know the tax process inside and out. I have been solving tax problems for 10 years, and my experience means that you can trust me to do my best to help you. My services are here to protect your interests and help you as you engage with the IRS over tax issues.

Request a free consultation today to see if you are eligible to file for innocent spouse tax relief, or call (636) 495-5700.